Government employment = 1/8 of workforce

In 2010 (the latest that federal figures are available), out of a workforce of 153.8 Million source, the federal government employed 4.443 million people source, state governments employed 3.803 million source, and local governments employed 10.965 million source.  I call that big government.

A few things I find interesting:

  • Assuming $100,000 average in salary in pension liabilities, federal payroll would be $444.3 Billion, or $2,800 for every worker.
  • Why are the number of higher education non-instructional employees 2x greater than the number of instructional employees?  How many custodians, administrators, and lunch ladies does a high school need?  source
  • Almost 3% of Americans err…”documented and undocumented labor force participants” work for the Federal government.  This doesn’t include contractors.
  • Germany, not a country you think of when you think of small government :), only employs 1/9 of their labor force in government, and the country currently has a lower unemployment rate than the US!  2011 numbers: 4.602 M in Öffentlicher Dienst (civil service) source + Bundeswehr (military) out of 43.36 million in the labor force source = 10.6% of labor force.

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