Canon, How Much of a Hint Do You Need?

Canon lowered its sales forecast for compact cameras by 9.5 percent to 19 million units, according to Bloomberg source. Canon has some of the world’s best optical engineers, and expertise in image processing. Canon should build an Android smartphone with an optical zoom lens, say around 3x range, and a low noise image sensor. That would be a compelling reason to differentiate their Android phone from the 100s of millions of others that are sold each year.

Government employment = 1/8 of workforce

In 2010 (the latest that federal figures are available), out of a workforce of 153.8 Million source, the federal government employed 4.443 million people source, state governments employed 3.803 million source, and local governments employed 10.965 million source.  I call that big government.

A few things I find interesting:

  • Assuming $100,000 average in salary in pension liabilities, federal payroll would be $444.3 Billion, or $2,800 for every worker.
  • Why are the number of higher education non-instructional employees 2x greater than the number of instructional employees?  How many custodians, administrators, and lunch ladies does a high school need?  source
  • Almost 3% of Americans err…”documented and undocumented labor force participants” work for the Federal government.  This doesn’t include contractors.
  • Germany, not a country you think of when you think of small government :), only employs 1/9 of their labor force in government, and the country currently has a lower unemployment rate than the US!  2011 numbers: 4.602 M in Öffentlicher Dienst (civil service) source + Bundeswehr (military) out of 43.36 million in the labor force source = 10.6% of labor force.