What Craigslist has degnerated to

I tried to sell something on Craigslist.  Let’s see what I got for responses:

  • 2 Nigerian scammers.  Are these guys on Craig Newmark’s payroll? They always use small i’s and no space after punctuation,
  • “Thanks for the reply,i am buying the item for my son who study oversea,so i want you to ship the item to him,I will pay $100 for the shipping cost,I am a member of the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS(USMC)i …”

  • 1 picture of a guy’s junk — did nothing for me, but if that’s all I had, I wouldn’t be emailing it to strangers
  • 5 guys offering $100 less than it’s worth
  • 1 hood in North Hollywood who wanted to meet in the parking lot of a Sun Valley strip club frequented by gang bangers

how hard would it be to implement a community system and filter IPs based on location? Google does it, so why can’t craigslist?


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