How to Survive…Las Vegas

While many people might think you are super lucky to be posted for an extended time in Las Vegas for example, for a trade show like CES or INTEROP, in my experience, the reality is a little less glamorous.  You have to be there before everyone else, and leave after everyone else.  Here’s what I’ve found makes it a little easier.

  • Rent a car

Taxis are the biggest rip off in Vegas.  You have to tip the door man and there are always long lines for taxis at the airport, at the convention center, at the hotel, just about anywhere you need to go.  All casinos have plenty of free parking, so when you want the strip experience, you can have it, and when you are sick of it, you can go do something else.  Also, sitting down in your car after a day on your feet instead of standing and waiting for the shuttle van back to the hotel is priceless.  You can park in the neighborhood next to the convention center for free.  You can drive to Fry’s if you need to.  Close to Fry’s is Whole Foods.

  • Stay in an off-strip hotel non-gaming near the airport

You won’t appreciate if somebody in the room next door makes a lot of noise.  If they are a high roller or celebrity, in my experience the casino will not do anything, and the hotel will be completely full, so you will be stuck.  Hotels near the airport sell blocks of rooms to airlines so pilots and the rest of the flight crew can sleep.  If someone is making a lot of noise, they are more likely to throw the people out.  The other problem with strip hotels is that check-in takes forever!

  • Eat off-strip. 

since you have a car, you can drive to places like Parma by Chef Marc on days when you’re not taking a customer out, or, if you are, to Kabuto if you are able to get a reservation.  Or, stop by the Ethiopian places East of Swenson.

  • Visit the outdoors

If you’re there when the weather is bearable, and you have some downtime (like on the Sunday before a show, or after you pack up) vist Hoover Dam or Red Rock Canyon

Following these steps makes an extended stay in Las Vegas enjoyable.  It’s just a lot different from what most people experience.



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