DeLonghi Electric Radiator

I had an old, unsafe heater in my house when I bought it last April.  I had the contractor rip it out and presumably, dispose of it properly (rather than toss it in an alley somewhere).  Anyway, I braved several weeks wearing sweaters and putting 3 comforters on the bed but as it got colder,  I broke down and bought a couple of DeLonghi oil-filled electric radiators at Lowes, which are more correctly called oil heaters or column heaters. They appear to work well in the mild Southern California winters.  I like the digital thermostat, the two timers that it has. I set the one in my bedroom to run for a few hours before I go to bed and to turn on just before I wake up for a couple of hours. I also like the low, medium and high settings.  Since it is convection, it doesn’t get too hot so you don’t have to worry (too much) about it tipping over and starting a fire.  Electric use is always a concern with the tiered electric metering in California, so I measured the power consumption with a Kill-a-Watt meter.

  • High        — 1350W (11.78A)
  • Medium —  727W  ( 6.27A)
  • Low         — 667W     (5.72A)

Assuming 4kWh average use per day, since I am under my baseline, it should cost me an additional $16-25 per month to heat my house this winter.  I recommend these heaters.

EW7507EBL DeLonghi electric radiator

EW7507EBL DeLonghi electric radiator