Trojan Mouse

This was a clever hack, they call it a prion, but it is really one of the oldest tricks in the book: Netragard used a trojan horse, or, more correctly, a trojan mouse to get access to a security client’s machine from a supposedly secure firewall. I bet many people would think twice before plugging a random flash drive into your own computer but wouldn’t think twice about a mouse, especially if sent with slick promotional materials. Think about that when you buy ‘Happy Brand’ components at Fry’s…


Berkshire And Snap-on Revisited

A few months ago, I estimated Berkshire Hataway’s DCF stock price at the improbably precise figure of $113,046.04 when the stock was at $127,850. Since February 14th, the stock has fallen about 10.5%, to around $114k and change. I think it’s now a buy, especially with low oil prices. Snap-On hit my price target a couple of weeks ago, and already gained 9%!

US Public Debt 1797-2010

This GAO page shows US public debt as a percentage of GNP/GDP. It’s interesting how the ratio of immigrants as a percentage of the population roughly correlates with the increases and decreases in US public debt, with about a 10 year lag.