What do you call an aboveground hottub framed in redwood?

a place to make a move on your girlfriends?

a surefire sign of white trash?

How about an all you can eat buffet for termites!

If you think redwood is immune to termites, see the attached pictures. ┬áThat 2×4 shown in the last picture had the density of balsawood. Redwood 2x4s and 4x4s were placed in direct contact with the ground to act as a frame for a hottub which got cut up. You might like steak, but you’ll eat chicken…termites love douglas fir but they will eat redwood if it is what’s available. It’s clear they started with the sapwood (the white part of the wood) and worked their way to the heartwood of this ‘construction common’-grade Home Depot redwood, but, they definitely ate the heartwood.

Why do idiots keep putting lumber in contact with the ground?