What capture media is used for creating most motion pictures?

With digital cameras like the Vision Research Phantom Flex and the RED, which, if measured by hype alone would seem to account for every music video, TV show, and motion picture made today (although its credits are far more modest), many people are surprised that the majority of motion pictures that play in theatres are shot on film.

In fact, The Hurt Locker was nominated in 2010 for the Oscar for best cinematography and it was shot on Super-16mm film.

For 2011, the nominees for the Oscar for best cinematography were mostly shot on film:

  • Black Swan — mostly super-16 Fuji film with some Digital SLR
  • Inception — mostly 35mm film with some 65mm all by Kodak
  • The King’s Speech — Fuji 35mm film
  • True Grit — shot on Kodak 35mm film
  • The Social Network — shot on RED digital cameras

You can watch a demo reel of Fuji’s Eterna Vivid stocks.

Obviously, in the near future, all films will be shot digitally, but it is interesting to see that a majority of the films nominated for Best Cinematography in 2011 were still shot on film.


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