My Stock Portfolio Performance

Here are the stocks I’m currently invested in with their performance tabulated:

Stock Annualized Performance YTD
XOM 10.86% 4.40%
PFE -3.08% -8.08%
WTR -1.36% 23.24%
LLTC 33.01% 12.34%
JNJ 0.16% 0.16%
ADP 12.29% 12.29%

I bought two stocks this year, fewer than last year. A long-term (11 year) investment, Exxon is up modestly for the year to date.  Pfizer continues to disappoint.  Aqua America is up quite a bit this year, but the holding has not performed very well since I bought it.  Linear and ADP did well.  Johnson & Johnson did poorly because of the recalls, and how they handled them.

I think my criteria for Pfizer was: “it does what? — I should buy a lot of that stock, it’ll do great!”  I’ll never do that again.  I bought Aqua America, because I wanted a utility, but I overpaid for it.  After these stocks, I decided to utilize more sophisticated analysis than interpreting drug commercials with Bob Dole in them. Working for Vitesse when the shenanigans were uncovered might have had something to do with wanting to weed out overpriced stocks, or stocks with problems on their books.

My stocks are pretty diversified, although you could argue that PFE and JNJ overlap quite a bit. My aggregate return for stocks I picked using my method are up 8% this year and were up 42% last year.  The S&P 500 is up 9.83% so far this year and was up 23.43% last year.  Goldman Sachs is not going to beat my door down for my stock picking advice but I am confident in the screening method I use.


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