Anandtech was right

This report from EEtimes shows that Ganesh called it correctly a month and a half ago. The Apple A4 has the Samsung/Intrinsity Hummingbird core with other IP tacked on. An EETimes article from last year claims Marvell spent $100million on its Sheeva ARM processor and QUALCOMM spent $300 million on Snapdragon. If Apple is able to use Intrinsity’s domino logic tools to extend the Hummingbird core and develop future derivatives beyond the A4, the $50 to 125 million spent for Intrinsity could be a bargain. For other companies which want to be in the high-performance low-power processor business, what are they going to do, spend $250 million and wait 3 years, or buy Cavium for $1.5 bil?


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